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A F R I C A   B O L D   A N D  B E A U T I F U L

African Style House – also known as A.S.H. is a local
Cape Town based fashion label created and founded by
Lizelle Kameri. Lizelle’s desire is to create; she loves what
she does and continuously strives for quality than for
quantity. The A.S.H. clothing brand is not produced on mass
production, but produced on demand – that means the
focus is on the individual. As Lizelle so often says, “we are
not ashamed of being small, new kids on the block, you
never know, this brand may grow!” There is one thing for

sure is that the excitement and passion is instilled in the
A.S.H. team. African Style House is also stockists of other
products that compliment their brand. A.S.H. is not excluded
from making mistakes, yet they pride themselves in the
growth of the shop. Their motto is that there is always
something in their shop for somebody. If you are in the
neighbourhood, pop in and see their shop – you may get
the chance chat to Lizelle and, let her share the passion
and what drives her everday.

H E A D I N G   O U T ?

Head wear – always makes a statement.


At African Style House we create to suit all body shape and sizes, with strong statement prints, contrasting textures and beautiful lines.
Our collections are designed to suit the everday business women or business men. Designed for comfort and “yes” if you are looking for some
attention with boldness – A.S.H. will add that something special to your wardrobe.

Hello my name is Lizelle Kameri. African Style House was born out of my love for people. The richness and diversity
that we have not only in this beautiful, but also our African continent inspires me. Feeling blessed. Enjoy my range.

Lizelle Kameri


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